Award Management System for Government

Business Scenario

The client is public authority for small & medium enterprises (SMEs) development of the Middle East responsible for the development of SMEs and strengthening their contribution to the local economy through a wide range of business advisory services and training programs.

The Challenge

The client wanted to establish accountability for the billions of activity and every stage involved in the lifecycle of the project for accessing the eligibility of award

Solution Highlights

  • Enable automation to set up and manages awards under a different category and subcategories yearly
  • Rendering questions dynamically to take appropriate inputs based on participation in various category and sub-category
  • The participant registration process with or without PKI Integration or as an anonymous participant
  • Registration of assessor and jury members via selection process work-flow
  • Rating and evaluation process by assessors and jury members
  • Winner selection process and announcement by the Chairman


    Increased of manage awards opportunity pipelines
  • Provide centralized communication channels between applicants and the business entity
  • Introduced award life-cycle management features containing planning, judging, award results, etc.
  • Accept awards submissions online
  • Provides reporting features timely