Digital Marketing for Tires and Wheels Specialist

Business Scenario

With over 170 locations, the client is one of the leading car tires and maintenance provider across Europe. They are tire specialists providing complete service from European mandate APK inspection to car repair too.


  • The client wanted us to create their marketing collateral including brochures, web pages, blogs etc.
  • Since the client dealt with a lot of brands and their models, they wanted us to design a pricing strategy for all makes and models
  • They wanted marketing analysis of different automotive markets
  • To know about the acceptance of the features they provided, they wanted us to provide them with geography mapping

Solution Highlights

  • Car models and features positioning
  • Market share of specific Make Model Type (MMT) of each car segment
  • MMT deployed in multiple regions performance
  • Potential mapping of the geography based on feature and market acceptance
  • Pricing strategy of different brands and its models
  • Market analytics of car configuration and specification for different markets
  • Market pricing strategy of different car brands


  • The client observed an upsurge in the website traffic
  • A lot of their services, which were unnoticed otherwise, came to limelight
  • Potential mapping of market acceptance enabled them to design their marketing strategies better.