Digital Marketing for Tourism Company

Business Scenario

The customer is a well-established travel company offering travel packages and holiday offers for Iceland. For over a decade, the customer has been assisting travelers right from the visa process to managing itinerary and offering them with tailor-made holiday packages.


  • They had a website with static content experiencing hefty traffic of visitors on their web pages.
  • Their major expenses were in localised marketing and they wanted to go for global re-branding into the entire industry practice.
  • They researched for possible digital marketing services however, they did not have the plan or experience of running a full-scale digital marketing services solution implementation.

Solution Highlights

  • Re-brand the entire website with the flavour of native Iceland
  • Implementing the changes and integration without affecting the existing traffic of the website
  • Social media platform integration was done to provide the client with overall coverage
  • The global traffic and the administrator was able to perform analytics and reports driven by digital marketing practices


  • Increased interaction between the customer and their prospective customer
  • Transformed static website into a more interactive, responsive, and impressive UI based website
  • Prospective users/customers have been increased with the updated version of the website