Dynamics 365 Implementation for UK Based Manufacturer

Business Scenario

The client is one of the top pharmaceutical companies of the world and one of the largest independent biotech companies with market capitalisation in more than 100 countries. As a global leader in diabetes care, the organisation is constantly working to deliver the highest quality of innovative products.


  • Need to address 7 important aspects in diabetes care
  • Need for a diabetes management plan that provides consistent and accurate glucose monitoring

Solution Highlights

  • Ability to take actions through reminders and alerts
  • Tracking of body vitals
  • Smart health analytics
  • Tracking and management of diet intake
  • Measurement of blood glucose with a medical device
  • Sensing devices that track daily activities


  • Real-time data access to patients and physicians
  • Better control of daily routine and lifestyle
  • Better diabetes management
  • Improved patient health
  • Actionable guidance