GMI Implementation for Car Market Coverage

Business Scenario

A leading Swedish multinational manufacturing company whose core activity is production, distribution, and sales of trucks, buses, and construction equipment. They also supply marine & industrial drive systems and financial services.

The Challenge

Our engagement was to aggregate targeted information related to the configuration and specification of different car brands from different markets and compare technical details and configuration between those different car models.

Solution Highlights

  • Comparison of configuration and technical details between different model, model variants of cars and makes across Europe and the US
  • Taxonomy Integration and standardization of information across the market
  • Transformation and normalization to a standard format for specification
  • Side by side comparison of multiple numbers of cars
  • TecDoc integration for configuration details
  • OEM parts cross reference mapping


  • Better pricing strategy
  • Increased visibility of market coverage
  • Informative reports, charts, and statistics for better decision