GMI Implementation for Hospitality

Business Scenario

The client is a leading restaurant chain offering an exquisite experience of contemporary Indian cuisine with authentic spices. Located in the trendy street of Kruiskade, it offers real Indian heritage cuisine for food lovers.

The Challenge

To develop a trend-based forecasting model for restaurant industry based on various disparate systems like POS, accounting software, and other manual data sources. Our experts designed the solution with all business analytics and future business needs.

Solution Highlights

  • Accurate data aggregation, validation, and normalization process to provide a holistic view of a business by analyzing business, financial, operational, and process parameters
  • Normalization and information optimization applied over relative information of revenue, stock, staff & customer info, budget, and goods with highly intuitive engine
  • Seamless trend analysis features on various targeted attributes including revenue, food categories, and other items
  • All desired and customized industry aligned reports including operations, business, and projection available can be compiled and served based on the requirement
  • The executive dashboard provides real-time insights that help business owners to make sharper decisions


  • Accurate digital platform for budget planning and forecasting
  • Visibility of financial and operational reports
  • Real-time insights to the business owner