Multi Lender Mortgage Loan Processing Solution

Client Overview

The client is a leading bank offering corporate and retail banking products and services. Its corporate banking activities range from mentoring, structuring, financing and co-investments in debt and equity.
The client wanted us to engineer a smart and integrated solution for affiliated banks, partners and internal staff that supports Skelta-based workflow and approval.

Business Challenge

Due to increasing competition in the BFSI industry, the client wanted advanced solutions or technology for the daily operations and services of their bank. They lacked complete control of each process and workflow for services such as savings and mortgage lending. In addition, paper-based processing had inherent problems that significantly harmed the client, impacting their overall productivity and disrupting the flow of information.

Solution Highlights

  • A centralized web application equipped with workflow system was developed in order to support the mortgage loan products
  • Developed role-based interfaces for stakeholders to define loan products, assign its workflow, assign compliance rules and allow complete monitoring of the loan application execution
  • Implemented a third-party industry standard work-flow engine, Skelta, in order to automate business process and create the application rapidly
  • Integrated with AIA/ITP tool to produce high-quality document and e-document
  • Interfacing with Hyarchis- an Enterprise Content Management system, for document archiving and maintenance
  • Implementation of QuickRules, for business rule modeling, analysis, implementation and management
  • Interfacing with BKR for credit check


  • Smoothens functions that lead to quality delivery of services to its end customers
  • Role-based interface for stakeholders
  • Ease of flow of information between affiliated banks, partners and internal employees
  • Automated workflows using third-party workflow-engines that reduce most paper-based operations, leading to less work pressure and redundancy in managing documents
  • Easy and quick access to documents and information based on roles and rights
  • Interactive UI for real times insights