Blockchain Implementation for Auto-Parts

Business Scenario

One of EU’s largest car parts wholesaler and dealer. This ‘one-stop-shop’ provider has breaks, wheel bearings, steering, and suspension parts, covering 29K+ different items for almost all car brands and models in all European natives.

The Challenge

The business of auto parts involved interactions with many of the internal and external individuals. For smooth communication and transaction between different these participants including suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and customers.

Solution Highlights

  • Interactions and order status between manufacturer to the supplier for raw materials supply
  • Interactions and order status between a distributors to the manufacturer for asset management
  • Manages interactions and order status between retailer to the distributor for the order placed
  • Enhanced customer experience with interactions and order status, which was placed by a customer to the retailer


  • Automated the order status during the entire auto part supply chain management
  • Real-time order status has been incorporated for parts
  • Enhanced customer experience with better interaction