The explosion of digital technologies such as Blockchain, AI and Internet of Things has brought new opportunities for business. Digital transformation enables organizations to generate customer-oriented solutions, improve productivity and automate processes. Customers across all industries expect more, cheaper, faster, and better services. But in order to achieve this, organizations need to analyse and manage massive amounts of data and streamline complex processes.

This becomes a lot easier with a cloud-based system like Microsoft Dynamics 365. Microsoft technologies help in developing business-driven applications and enterprise solutions, that enable a secure and robust environment for organizations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a web and cloud-based solution that brings CRM, ERP, and business intelligence all in a single package, and effectively manages all business operations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Features that Boost Digital Transformation

Here are a few reasons why you should adopt Microsoft Dynamics 365 to accelerate your organization’s digital transformation.

Easy Access to Business Processes

What better than having a transparent platform to access all your business processes in one place? Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an affordable and easy-to-use solution that can be accessed through a simple web browser on any device or platform, from anywhere in the world, if you have an active internet connection. This mainly benefits the logistics and supply chain industry, which involves complex networks and interactions. Supply chain operations such as product performance, sales, order fulfilment, customer service, etc. can be controlled using this cloud-based solution. Other industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and financial services, that deal with huge amounts of data can also effectively use MS Dynamics 365 to simplify operations.

Less IT, More On-Cloud

Cloud computing resolves the issues of maintaining software and systems manually. When everything is on the cloud, there is no need for special IT staff to look after the physical servers and on-premise IT systems. Microsoft will monitor, update, and maintain the application and platform by itself. Organizations that still opt for an on-premise server-based system need more computing power and server capacity to operate. If you are a small or mid-sized company, then shifting to the cloud can save a lot of money and resources.



Better and Faster Business Decisions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you detailed insights about all your business operations. This includes customer’s details, real-time transaction data, and customer data collected from customer support, which will help your organization in making better decisions. It uses a real-time Business Intelligence (BI) solution that keeps you up-to-date with how your business is performing. Better business insights will allow you to optimize and streamline business areas and processes. Faster decision making will accelerate time to market for your product and help you in staying ahead of your competitors.

Improved Customer Experience

Data is integrated and stored in a centralized system in MS Dynamics 365. This enables the customer support team to find the right information at the right time and respond to customer queries more effectively. You can also track your customers’ purchase activity and predict behaviour to engage them across the entire product lifecycle. This improves the overall customer experience.

Be ready for the future…

Cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution allows you to stay up-to-date with technology trends and fuels your organization’s digital transformation. Microsoft’s cost-effective platform updates and application updates eliminate the need for costly manual version upgrades every time. It creates new business opportunities, improves decision making and enhances customer experience.

At Gateway Digital, we leverage Microsoft technologies to accelerate our customers’ journey towards digital transformation, and enable them to be future-ready. Recognized as a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, we partner with businesses across diverse domains and offer them Microsoft consulting services, technology implementation and support services. If you are looking to implement Microsoft technologies to your business, get in touch with us.

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