From Legacy to Digital Consultancy

Technologies, their behaviour, and how people interact with them. We have been a witness to it all! Being digital in the true sense, Gateway Digital helps companies to uncover actionable insights from the user data and transforms IT ecosystems into more automated, profitable, and customer-centric ones.



Work: From Silo-ed
to Connected IT Infrastructure

Move from a Silo-ed and traditional IT infrastructure to a more streamlined one. Join hands with us as we address your digital challenges, and navigate you towards greater agility. As we reinvent and manage your business processes, we will ensure that you stay ahead of your competitors.



From Business-centric to Customer-centric

At Gateway Digital, we re-create business models, modernize products, and establish excellent customer experiences to drive your business’ growth. With the help of innovation and disruptors such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and IoT, we render you with a more customer-centric world.

Our Value Propositions


Customer Experience

Omnichannel Experience

Customer Insights

Enhanced Corporate Controls

Real-Time MIS

3rd-party Integration

Risks Optimization

Focused Targets

Risk Profiling & Automation

Our USPs

Product & Service Innovation

Digital Products

End-to-End Service Digitalization

Distribution, Marketing & Sales

High ROI

Traditional to Digital Channels

Digital Fulfillment

Straight-through processing

Automatic Provisions

Customer Interaction Platform

Digital Customer Interaction Platform

An efficient customer-centric portal which automates the end to end logistics process right from shipment booking to its tracking.

Connected Car Solution

Green Source Platform

A platform to enable virtual dismantling of vehicles using OEM information for vehicle parts assemblies with an integrated webshop for selling the parts.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

The end-to-end implementation of a blockchain based solution that allows customers to trade cryptocurrencies or digital currencies for assets such as conventional fiat money, or different digital currencies.