Digital Transformation in Retail

Gateway Digital provides real-time digital capabilities to retail pioneers striving for customer excellence. The focus of our retail digital transformation team is to offer convenience to the customers by bridging digital and physical shopping experiences. And to make that possible, we make the most out of the potential of eCommerce, cloud, analytics, and mobility solutions.

Our retail transformation division focuses on engaging and acquiring customers through customer centricity. One of our products, LEAP, which is an exclusive location-based app for advertising, bridges the gap between brands and customers and empowers them with next-level experience. Is your organization plugging into digital disruption and tapping into open markets? If your answer is "No", we would be more than happy to help!


Implemented a mobile solution for online shoe buyers to capture and measure the appropriate size of their foot and determine the best fitting shoe size

Walked with 30 of Europe's biggest retailers among 80 internationally leading retail brands, in their digital transformation journey

Developed Windows Mobile Application for the ease of purchase department of large organizations handling more than 20,000 items in a single storage location

M-wallet solutions including cloud-based mobile payments, contact less NFC, audio-signal based payment, QR code and mobile web applications; integrated 25+ payment gateways

Rich experience in building digital solutions around market analytics and consumer insights, in-store promotions and loyalty, digital experience and customer journey, interactive Kiosks, AR/VR

Futuristic Initiatives

In-Store Analytics - For understanding consumer mindset, preferences, emotions and response towards products. These insights enable businesses to define their strategy.

Virtual Wardrobe - For customers to order items without spending their extra time and energy over shopping. It includes a virtual display integrated with mobile application and POS system.

Google Glass and HoloLens - Integrated Google Glass and wearable technology solutions for personalized shopping experiences. Any customer from entertainment, retail, interior designing and gaming industries will be able to use this solution.

Beacons - GPS for indoors that facilitates customized real-time micro-location and personalized offerings to shoppers through BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacons, supported by major smartphone devices.

Gamification - Gamification based solutions for making consumers react and engage rapidly in retail IT solutions

Go-Green - Mobile application that provides electric consumption statistics, cost calculations, analytics, and more. By using it retail owners can save energy and manage their electrical appliances efficiently.

Our Achievements

30+ European giants use our SEPA compliant retail ERP solutions

1000+ secured transactions every minute

Using our innovative foot measurement solution, the company experienced 60% reduction in shoes return due to incorrect size

Managing more than 50,000 products using our omnichannel retail solution

Reduced overhead cost by 30% through mobile application for store owners to track and update current status of inventory in warehouse

Retail IT solutions that attracted 2 million customers and helped to manage 1 million brands

50+ customers are managing their retail store with zero downtime

Foot Size Detector

Foot Size Detector

A solution that allows online shoe buyers to determine the best fit for any foot size

Retail ERP

Retail ERP Solution

Retail Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution is a cloud-based software as a service platform that automates controls for access to SAP, CRM.

Our Product: LEAP

Encouraging consumer-centric marketing through location enabled advertising

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