Competitor Analytics Solution

Business Scenario

The client is one of the biggest automotive car parts provider to B2B customers in the Netherlands, with more than 35+ brands portfolio.


  • The client wanted to gain a competitive edge over others based on a solution that enables them to get insight into industry trends.
  • They also wanted to create a pricing strategy for their new and existing line of products.

Solution Highlights

  • Car models and features positioning
  • Market share of specific Make Model Type (MMT) of each car segment
  • MMT deployed in multiple regions performance
  • Potential mapping of the geography based on feature and market acceptance
  • Pricing strategy of different brands and its models
  • Market analytics of car configuration and specification for different markets
  • Market pricing strategy of different car brands


  • Centralized data repository to fetch OEM information
  • Increased conversion ratio of prospect to loyal customers
  • Increased business revenue
  • Improved decision making