Saved around € 350k per annum on operational costs with an automated mortgage loan processing solution

Banking and Financial services have gone beyond traditional banking and will continue to be driven by technologies like AI, RPA, Blockchain, and IoT. Customers constantly demand and relish more flexibility and accessibility in their experience.

Fintechs, millennials and light house customers keep changing the rules of the game. Innovation and agility of banks are therefore a success determinant.

Capitalization measures enforced post 2007 ensure most banks get through the COVID-19 scenario. However disruptive models and ability to recalibrate strategies as per our changing environment is the need of the hour and that is what we pride ourselves at GATEWAY DIGITAL!

Our digital banking solution enables a leading bank to process 2.5Mn unique transactions a day. Our solutions helped many banking and financial institutions decrease their time to market by up to 30% and optimised processes by over 22%. We helped create human-centric solutions that increased usage by over 40%.


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Papilio – Our Smart Banking Platform

Probatio – Automation Testing Solutions

FinFacets – Cognitive Finance Framework

LEAP – Intelligent Customer Connect Solution

SOFIA – Smart Office Assistant

Our Achievements

55% increase in efficiency through a web-application that automates manual payment processes

Developed the largest European SEPA compliant merchant banking and interbank platform

40% increase in customers for a leading South African bank by digitally transforming their business from using Symbian Applications to transfer money, manage bank accounts and comply with the banking regulations

25% increase in efficiency for multiple accounting bureaus of Finland with the help of a financial invoicing self-service application

Reduced overheads and optimized processes by over 22% for many institutions with our finance software development and banking solutions

Banking & Financial Services

Payment Processing Solution

Banking & Financial Services

Insurance Claims Management & Medical Bills Review Solution

Banking & Financial Services

Multi Lender Mortgage Loan Processing Solution

Banking & Financial Services

Blockchain Implementation for Mortgage