digital patient care

How Healthcare is Transforming Digitally to Enhance Patients’ Experience

When was the last time you booked a doctor’s appointment and waited for your turn in the hospital, while you were terribly ill? A few years ago, maybe? Struggling to get an appointment or having to wait longer to get your reports is a case of the bygone age. If ...
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Modern Product Engineering: Where DevOps and Cloud Go Hand in Hand

We have all witnessed a rapid disruption across various industries and businesses in the past few years. Product engineering has become really sophisticated over the years. Agility and faster time-to-market are the core focus of modern product companies and their customers, while developing and launching a product. Product companies work ...
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Resolving Challenges of Auto ISVs with Fruitful Technology Partnerships

In the past several years, cars have transformed from being a hardware-oriented vehicle to a software-oriented one. Each stage of the entire lifecycle of any product or software, right from its conceptualization, development, deployment, and post-delivery support is crucial to gain customer confidence and long-term relationships. Customers look for speed ...
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Why you Must Consider Blockchain for your Transport & Logistics Business

New emerging technologies are changing how industries and organizations function, change and evolve. In this digital age, it is difficult to find an area of business where there is no potential for technology to improve what we do. Right from your car system that gives you the weather updates every ...
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