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Digital disruption is gradually invading all walks of life, giving businesses across sectors the opportunity to grow ahead of all projections. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) need to scale up too, to be seen in the disrupted market. They need to adopt the latest technologies and business models to provide innovative solutions, meet customer demands and outpace their competitors.

ISV startups enter the business realm with the goal to become the next forerunner. But, being new to the industry, they face certain challenges in reaching the growing market. The most prevalent ones are:

  • Insufficient customer base
  • Lack of a rich portfolio and case studies
  • Limited or no market reach and knowledge

For ISV startups to keep up with the competitive market and grow in the current digital age, a strong digital presence, market reach and customer base are of utmost importance. To achieve this, ISVs need to partner with mid-level or large firms doing business in the same domain.

Here are some of the key benefits of partnering with big businesses.

Drive Innovation

ISVs often lack the necessary skills and expertise in the latest technologies to develop innovative concepts. Partnering with big companies that provide innovative technology solutions can solve this challenge. Startups have an opportunity to learn and use new technologies to build and sell innovative products and software.

Expand Service Portfolio

Big businesses have a greater range of products and service offerings across various domains and industries. Joining hands with such firms can help small-scale independent software vendors to expand their range of offerings and capabilities. Reaching new breadths and depths with differentiated solutions will enable ISVs to conquer more business.

Strengthen Customer Relationships

With the support of a trusted digital transformation partner, you can gain the trust of your customers and engage in meaningful customer relationships. With the right experience and expertise of dealing with customer demands, your ISV will now be able to address the customization, scalability, and integration requirements of your customers. This will increase their value and lead to long-term relationships with their customers.

Meet Customer Demands

The modern customers need reliable service providers who can deliver custom solutions for them fast and efficiently. By partnering with large businesses, ISVs can rise to meet the ever-changing customer demands. They have business-ready solutions, which can be leveraged to easily meet customer needs and add value to their business. This will readily increase their profit potential, while reducing time-to-value.

Improve Revenue

Apart from all the above-mentioned benefits, partnerships offer profit opportunities to ISVs. With an extended range of services and solutions to offer, ISVs can build new revenue models and incentive programs to gain more returns.

Wrapping Up

The above-mentioned benefits show that in order to stand out from the crowd and to ensure growth, software vendors need to establish relevant partnerships. While building business partnerships sounds easy, finding the right match can get difficult.

At Gateway Digital, we specialize in transforming businesses by providing the right insights and technology solutions, and supporting them in their growth journey. With a rich talent pool and hands-on experience in innovative technologies, we collaborate with ISVs to help them gain a competitive edge in the disrupted market.

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