The healthcare and life sciences sector are transitioning into an era that is driven more by the patients and customers, rather than the care providers. The industry is in the midst of consolidation, with traditional healthcare providers facing serious threats from disruptive, non-traditional players. Healthcare businesses that fail to create patient-centric strategies to provide care will be left behind.

The patients and customers of the current era are highly empowered. They demand ease of finding care, greater control over their healthcare decisions, accessibility of treatments and care services, highly personalized clinical experience, and quality engaging relationships with their care providers. As the patient demands grow, healthcare providers need to adopt digital strategies that will help them build a connected patient-provider relationship and deliver excellent healthcare experiences.

How can digital strategies aid in patient-centred care?

Digital transformation in healthcare and emerging technology solutions can improve healthcare services by better connecting patients, physicians, and healthcare systems. Mobile apps and solutions that connect patients and healthcare providers improve the accessibility of services and provide real-time care. Digital solutions also provide all the necessary data related to patients’ conditions, which allow healthcare providers to take immediate action whenever necessary.



Breakthroughs in Healthcare: The ABCDs of Digital Healthcare

Emerging technologies have brought tremendous transformation in healthcare processes and means in which care providers engage with their customers. The following are the main technologies that help in building a patient-centric healthcare ecosystem.

A: Artificial Intelligence

AI solutions automate and simplify time-consuming, mundane tasks and help healthcare providers and distributors in mining and managing huge amounts of data. Applications using Artificial Intelligence can be used to analyse test reports, CT scans, X-rays and diagnose complex conditions and diseases. Faster detection of diseases and availability of patients’ medical records and history saves time, for both the patient as well as the care provider.



B: Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has the potential to transform healthcare practices by keeping the patient at the centre of care services. Considering patient care involves a lot of sensitive customer data, blockchain can always be used to keep patient record safe and protected. This gives the patients control over what data they share and keeps their data secure from getting tampered.





C: Cloud Computing

Cloud computing creates an on-demand data network that allows physicians and care providers to access data from anywhere and anytime. It provides limitless storage capacity and instant access to patient information, which encourages data sharing and remote collaboration. Using a private cloud with security measures in place, healthcare businesses can store and access a huge amount of data online, in lesser costs.



D: Digital Diagnosis or Telemedicine

Telemedicine or digital diagnosis uses telecommunications technology to diagnose, evaluate, and treat patients at a distance. More and more applications are coming in that allow healthcare providers to monitor and treat patients remotely. Customers can describe their symptoms, speak to a doctor online and get prescriptions, all in a few clicks. This will enable patients and customers to stay connected with their physician 24*7 and get treated at their convenient time.




The above-mentioned technologies have seen real progress and are likely to add more value towards creating and promoting a patient-centred healthcare ecosystem. Gateway Digital works towards making the healthcare sector more accessible, affordable, and patient-centric with an array of emerging technology solutions. We transform healthcare experiences of healthcare providers, manufacturers, payors, and distributors.

Our futuristic healthcare solutions have helped customers across the globe in transitioning from a provider-centric business model to a patient-centric healthcare model. Explore our healthcare IT solutions and get in touch with us to transform your healthcare business digitally.

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